Why go to urgent care?

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For Non-Life Threatening Illnesses; come to our

Why go to urgentcare?

If you need immediate medical treatment for non-life threatening medical conditions, you should come to our Urgent Care.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES, always call 911 and go to the nearest ER.

If you go to ER for your
non-life threatening medical conditions,

- You have to wait for a very long period, as you will triaged as non-emergency and will be placed way down on the waiting list.
- Most of the Hospital ER's are equipped and oriented towards dealing with Medical Emergencies.
-So even after long wait, you get multitude of unnecessary tests - which you may not need in the first place - which will make your visit extremely expensive.
-Your wait time will be way too long - with the modern day ER's clogged with so many patients each time;
-After spending so much money and time, you still won't get any follow up in the ER - as it is going to be a one time visit only for you - as you have to go and see another doctor on the outpatient basis.

Instead, you should come to our
Urgent Care Clinic- for all your non-life threatening medical conditions,
because, you spend less time waiting, you spend way less money, compared to the exorbitant cost of ER visits.
Not only that, you establish primary care with us, so that you will be followed up promptly and your health and well being is looked after.
Call: (702) 220-8001
Canyon Medical Center - Urgent Care / Primary Care
5061 North Rainbow Blvd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89130

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Urgent Care.
For Life threatening emergencies, always call 911 and go to the nearest ER.

non-life threatening medical conditions, if you go to ER, you are spending way too much money and time.